Best Craps Strategy and Tactics for Winning on the Internet.

I’m never awestruck by any type of gambling strategy I’ve read about on internet, and I think you should be , too. If you’re talking about the craps game in a casino your first task is recognize that casinos have an advantage in mathematics which you’re likely not capable of overcoming.

Such games require a change in mindset. The goal is to maximize your chance of winning in the short term. A second goal is for you to enjoy enjoyable as you can in exchange for the inevitable long-term loss.

So, I’ve put together what I consider to be the most effective craps strategy article available on the Internet. It’s real, and it doesn’t offer any unrealistic claims. Also, I do not have anything to offer you.

Find a Casino that Offers an incredibly high free odds and a maximum Bet

Casinos recognize that the no odds bet offers no advantage therefore they restrict the amount you can bet on it. The maximum amount is expressed as a multiplier of your passing line wager.

In the casino with the maximum odds of 2X you can bet at a maximum of $200 100 pass line bet.

The goal is to find a casino which allows you to place bets of 10X or 100X on your zero-risk bet.

This means that , if you’re placing bets of $5 in the passing line you could bet a maximum of $500 or $50 or both, depending on the bet with free odds.

If you can put more cash put into the odds bet for free, the less the overall house edge for your bet.

That’s the most effective craps strategy Get an edge on the home as little as you can.